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Cylinders and keys are the heart of security and access control. Cylinders and keys have always meant protection of the places in which we live. For this reason, fitting every door and opening with a secure, reliable cylinder is a prime requirement for anyone, and not only. Today, companies must respond increasing demand for controlling and managing accesses by offering solutions and providing experts able to recommend and supply master keyed systems for houses, companies, hospitals, universities or shopping centres. Said experts must also be able to install products, and provide all the necessary assistance. It is, therefore, essential for retailers and installers to be able to single out the most appropriate solution for different contexts of use.

In order to choose the most suitable kind of cylinder for your requirements, you simply have to know and measure three parameters: security, master keying potential and reliability. Security and reliability are based on European Standard EN 1303 dated July 2005.
- Security Indicates the cylindre's ability to resist and prevent forced entries (Attack Resistance according to EN 1303), and the key's ability to prevent duplication and cloning (Key Related Security according to EN 1303)
- Master keying potential Indicates the performance, such as the number of pins in the key bitting system and, therefore, the number of possible combinations the cylinder can offer to produce master keyed systems for managing accesses.
- Reliability Indicates the level of resistance of the cylinder over the years and to wear and tear, expressed in the number of opening and closing cycles (Durability according to EN 1303).

Every parameter is shown on the chart has produced for each cylinder. The score from 1 (min) to 5 (max) indicates the performance level of each individual cylinder. The score of each parameter contributes to calculate the final, average parameter. The higher the score, the greater the cylinder performance level. It is possible to make a choice based on individual parameters or on an average score. For example, clients requiring a high security cylinder will read the specific parameters only,  looking for those with the highest scores. If a high security and high master keying potential is required, on the other hand, they will read the average score.


European standard EN 1303
European standard EN 1303 dated July 2005 sets forth operation and requirements relating to the security and reliability of cylinders and their original keys.
- Attack resistance Cylinder security, expressed in 3 grades (from 0 to 2), establishes its resistance to brutal attacks, for example, piercing using a drill, breakage and removal.
- Key related security Key security, expressed in 6 grades (from 1 to 6), establishes the number of possible differs, that is, of different keys which can be produced by the key bitting system.
- Reliability - Durability Reliability is expressed in 3 grades (from 4 to 6) and based on the number of cycles (25 thousand to 100 thousand) the cylinder must guarantee. A cycle is one opening and one closure.

 ICIM certified cylinders in conformity with EN 1303
In July 2003, CISA became the very first company in Italy to obtain EN 1303 based, ICIM certification. Certification guarantees cylinders performance ascertained through documental checks of technical specifications, in-company inspections to control production process, taking of samples to test either in the company or on the market and, most importantly, yearly inspections. This is so much more than a simple test report, which determines the performance of only a few cylinders at one specific time.


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