Traditionally sensitive to new market requirements, CISA has been a leading manufacturer of panic exit devices for many years, combining the concept of safety with that of public building security, and continuing to invest on research and development to come up with increasingly innovative solutions. CISA can offer a wide range of products to meet the requirements of a variety of end users and the technical and qualitative expectations of distributors and installers.

CISA can offer a wide range of panic exit devices, each with different design and technical characteristics, but all sharing a common feature: their suitability for heavy human traffi c environments, guaranteeing maximum security and safety while complying with all the applicable EU standards.

CISA Introduces FAST
The new range of panic exit devices sturdy, technically advanced and easy to install.

Constantly on the lookout for new, innovative solutions, CISA has developed this range ever further perfecting an already proven, reliable product with the addition of new performance characteristics and a bold, eye-catching design. The high-impact new look highlights the product's strong construction and reliability while maintaining the iconic design features of this range - enabling to use products from different lines in the same environment.

FAST reduce by half installation time

Thanks to the recent technical improvements, installing FAST panic exit devices can be quicker than installing earlier models by as much as 50%!  Installation times are reduced thanks to the possibility to:

• install additional locks on support plates with quick-lock systems and carry out adjustments on site, too;
• carry out easy adjustments via flexible cables connecting the additional locks to the main mechanism;
• use the special adjustment screws on the main mechanism - ergonomically positioned to help the installer;
• carry out cover quick fixing without any bolts screw needed;

European Directives - Certifications

Since 2002, emergency exit systems have been regulated by two specifi c European standards: EN 1125 for panic exit devices and EN179 for emergency exit devices. On 16 December 2008 the former standard EN 1125:1997:02 was updated to the NEW EUROPEAN STANDARD on panic exit devices EN 1125:2008. As a result, since 1st January 2010, only the products which have been granted
mark according to the new standard may be marketed. CISA products have already been successfully submitted to all the required tests and on 2nd January 2009, the required new certifi cates were obtained for all the versions.



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