Wall and furniture safes, available in numerous types and sizes, designed to guarantee maximum peace of mind. ALWAYS!

In conformity with Regulation UNI 10868:2000 degree resistance "1 star".
"1 star" wall safes represent the initial model of the Cisa safes range, designed to guarantee a good level of safety and the correct quality/price ratio.

Possible opening commands



key and combinatory with 3 knobs

 combinatory, 3 knobs, 8.000 combinations

electronic key-in combinatory, 1.000 billion combinations


Wall and furniture safes: maximum safety
A superior line of safes, distinguished for its high safety standards and vast possibility of choice. In fact, different solutions are available: from lock systems with double bitted key to the top level lock system with electronic DGT combination.

Darwin sectional safes: Practical evolution


This type of safe is composed of two parts sold separately, the safe and the front.
This way, you can prepare your home for a safe which can be fitted when you please, without any masonry.


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