Maximum security in the Cisa padlock range.
Their use, in combination with suitable accessories, guarantees a excellent level of protection to users.
The possibility to substitute the cylinder enables you to insert these padlocks into master key security systems.
Its main characteristics are: steel mono-block with a patented anti-corrosion treatment.   


Steel Padlocks

Steel cemented arch treated with chemical nickel.
Stainless steel arch blockage spheres.
Double cylinder protection in carbonitrided steel.
Internal replaceable cylinder which can be recodified.
Protection plates of the cylinder and small cylinder in carbonitrided steel treated with chemical nickel.




Marine type padlocks

Line of high quality padlocks with elevated safety characteristics.
Recommended for use in marine situations for its anti-corrosion characteristic: arch in stainless steel, chromed body, bronze springs and pins.
Highly reliable. products aimed at particularly demanding users.


  Brass Padlocks

Line of padlocks for users who want reliable versatile safety systems at a suitable price.

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