CISA Fast Panic Device 


Panic Exit Devices Catalogue

New FAST Brochure
PDE642 Panic Device Brochure

PDE644 FAST Touch and FAST Push Rim version
PDE643 FAST Touch and FAST Push Mortice version

Electric handles

Mortice locks to be combined with panic exit devices
PDE612 SikurExit
PDE564 ExitLock 


Panic exit devices - Rim version

FAST Touch


FAST Push Pad
CE 2290_CPD_2010
CE 2291_CPD_2010
ICIM 087BD-0
ICIM 088BD-0

New Europa
Rif. CE 797
Rif. ICIM 013 volontario AD

New Europa fire resistant
Rif CE 798
Rif. ICIM 014 volontario AD

Rif. CE 800
Rif. ICIM volontario 016 AD

Sblock fire resistant
Rif. CE 799  
Rif. ICIM volontario 015 AD

Rif. CE 647
Rif. ICIM volontario 069 AD

Prestige fire resistant
Rif. CE 540
Rif. ICIM volontario 072 AD

Rif. CE 530

Rif. ICIM volontario 070 AD

Push-Pad fire resistant
Rif. CE 531
Rif. ICIM volontario 071 AD

Closing selector
Rif. ICIM volontario 010 BC


Panic exit devices - Mortice version

FAST + SikurExit
ICIM 130AD-0

FAST +ExitLock
CE 2279_CPD_2010
CE 2284_CPD_2010
ICIM 081BD-1
ICIM 131AD-0

FAST + Mito Panic
CE 2282_CPD_2010
CE 2287_CPD_2010

FAST + Sicur Panic
ICIM 146AD/1
ICIM 147AD/1

FAST + Heavy Duty
CE 2280_CPD_2010
CE 2281_CPD_2010
CE 2285_CPD_2010
CE 2286_CPD_2010
ICIM 132AD-0

Sblock + Sicur Panic
Rif. CE 649
Rif. ICIM volontario 032 AD

Sblock + Sicur Panic fire resistant
Rif. CE 650
Rif. ICIM volontario 034 AD

Sblock + Heavy Duty 
Rif. CE 644
Rif. ICIM volontario 059 AD

Sblock + Heavy Duty fire resistant
Rif. CE 641
Rif. ICIM volontario 061 AD

Sblock + Sikurexit
Rif. CE 1979

Sblock + Mito
Rif. CE 648
Rif. ICIM volontario 026 AD

59600 + Sicur panic
Rif. CE 638
Rif. ICIM volontario 033 AD

59600 + Sicur Panic fire resistant
Rif. CE 640
Rif. ICIM volontario 035 AD

59600 + Heavy Duty
Rif. CE 642
Rif. ICIM volontario 060 AD

59600 + Heavy Duty fire resistant
Rif. CE 645
Rif. ICIM volontario 062 AD

59600 + Mito
Rif. CE 639
Rif. ICIM volontario 025 AD

59600 + Exitlock
Rif. CE 1797

59600 + Sikurexit
Rif. CE 1980

59600 + Exitlock fire resistant
Rif. CE 1798

Prestige + Mito + Sicur + Heavy Duty
Rif. CE 673
Rif. ICIM volontario 079 AD

Prestige + Mito + Sicur Heavy Duty resistant
Rif. CE 718
Rif. ICIM volontario 078 AD


Installation of FAST Panic Exit devices 

Product images


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