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CISA means quality, trust and professionalism.
We believe that our aim, to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction, is achievable not only by supplying high quality and long lasting products and solutions but also by offering a support service of the same quality.
With this outlook, our after-sales service boasts qualified staff, able to supply support for different customer needs. In every technical centre, situated in every town where we operate and co-ordinated by head office, our services are carried out by trained and constantly updated staff in Italy and in other CISA branches.

Use of the CISA trademarks on Internet sites
Do you want to publish the CISA trademark and logo on your website, forever synonym of safety and technological innovation? Then fill in the following questionnaire to request CISA's authorisation to use the CISA trademark on your own web pages.
After having studied your request, we will contact you as soon as possible. Until you receive an explicit positive response to your request, it is forbidden to use the CISA trademark on your web pages.In the event of a positive response to the use of the trademark, we ask you in addition to accompany the publication of the CISA trademark with a Link (Hyper-textual Link) to the Home Page of our portal

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Cisa S.p.A
Via Oberdan, 42
48018 Faenza (RA)
Tel. +39 0546 677.111
Fax +39 0546 677.150 


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